Super-elastic/Nitinol Alloy Whitepapers


Texture evolution during nitinol martensite detwinning and phase transformation Copyright 2013, American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the American Institute of Physics. The following article appeared in in Applied Physics Letters (Vol.103, Issue 24) and may be found at this external link.

Fatigue Performance of Nitinol Round Wire with varying cold work reductions.

Structure-Property Relationships in conventional and nanocrystalline NiTi intermetallic alloy wire.

Characterizing Fatigue Response of Nickel-titanium.

The Effects of Varying Active Af Temperatures.

Engineering Characteristics of Drawn Filled Nitinol Tube.

Influence of Nitinol Wire Surface Preparation Procedures.

Effect of heat treatment temperature on nitinol wire.

Evolution of Intergranular Stresses in a Martensitic and an Austenitic NiTi Wire During Loading–Unloading Tensile Deformation.

Texture evolution during nitinol martensite detwinning and phase transformation.

Cyclic Potentiodynamic Survey of Medical Materials

Design of Experiment for Solder Project

Influence of Nitinol Wire Surface Preparation Procedures

Bend Moment Analysis Comparing Strand Annealed

The Significance of Melt Practice on Fatigue Properties

An Investigation of Diverse Surface Finishes on Fatigue

The Influence of Melt Practice On Final Fatigue

Characterization of Binary Nitinol Actuators with Various Transformation Temperatures Employing Uniaxial Isobaric Loading

Comparison of Manual and Automated Bend and Free Recovery Test Methods for Measuring the Active Austenite Finish Temperature of Nitinol Wires

A CoNiCr-Nitinol Composite Wire for Guidewire Type Applications

Effect of Ni/Ti Ratio and Ta Content on NiTiTa Alloys

Conductor system for implantable devices