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Fort Wayne Metals Awarded New Patent for Endura® Bi-tapered Braiding Bobbin

  • Aug 8, 2018

August 10, 2018, FORT WAYNE, IN – Fort Wayne Metals has been awarded a second patent for their Endura® bi-tapered bobbin. The specially designed bi-tapered flange feature helps to prevent snags and breaks, and helps wire pay-off the spool more easily, an improvement to typical processing that provides returns with less machine downtime, higher product yields, and overall cost savings for customers.

“We created the Endura® bi-tapered bobbin to help our customers,” says Product Manager, Eric Dorman. “When we first patented the technology for use with braiding machines, we were able to offer customers a solution for many of the issues they encounter in their processes. Being awarded this second patent for the physical bobbin really speaks to the way this technology contributes to the industry.”

In 2015, Fort Wayne Metals developed and patented Endura® bi-tapered bobbin technology for use in conjunction with industry standard braiding machines, providing customers with ready-to-use braiding bobbins already loaded with high quality wire. Now, Fort Wayne Metals has received a second patent for the bobbin itself. When coupled with Fort Wayne Metals’ technical experience and understanding of their materials, the Endura® bi-tapered bobbin’s angled flange design helps to prevent pileup during spooling, and reduces the potential for flange toe-in during pay-off. The bobbins are available in a variety of colors, such as yellow, purple, blue, red, green, gray, and black.

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